Wikidot Syntax Include


Include with parameters

Oto kilka wstawionych automatycznie wartości :

$var1 $number_books $title $variable_name $variableName
value1 43 Best Wiki Ever just a variable another variable


Math from TeXMacs

Just "cliked" in TeXMacs and copy and paste here - $f (\tmmathbf{\phi}) = \frac{\sqrt{\tmmathbf{\phi}}}{\int_{\alpha}^{\beta} g(\tmmathbf{\phi})}$ - as LaTex code.

And here - $f(\phi) = \frac{\sqrt{\phi}}{\int_{\alpha}^{\beta} g(\phi)}$ - after deletion of new TeXMacs specific command "tmmathbf".

Here is a cool thing: $E=mc^2$.

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