2009 WD MyBook World Edition




Alfter installing from optware ocaml/gcc/bison/flex etc (I guess ocaml should be fine enought) , standard compilation of Unison failed, because of lack of ocamlopt (native-compiler):

make: ocamlopt: Command not found

Fortunately, I've found solution.
I had to setup "NATIVE=false" parameter, as following:

# normal user
make NATIVE=false
# root
make install NATIVE=false INSTALLDIR=/opt/bin/

After that, I needed to setup PATH to point to /opt/bin on my user, and bash shell in /etc/passwd (because of my choice).
From the moment I logged through ssh and succesfully runed unison by typiing:


Connection from my Desktop and Laptop with WD worked perfectly.

Linking programs

When I was trying to compile c++ programs I encountered strange errors:

I followed advice from this thread on mybookworld.wikidot.com -> forum and it helped. Advice was, to link against /lib instead of /opt/lib , just like this:
Small programs:
g++ -L/lib main.cpp
Bigger once:
LDFLAGS=-L/lib ./configure

Compiling Aria2 (in progress…)

so far…

I've foreced to link programs against /lib instead of /opt/lib, and go

chmod +x configure
LDFLAGS=-L/lib ./configure

what's next? We will see…

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