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probabilistic programming languages

algorithm resistance to hardware failures
- some esoteric programming languages enoforcing such features on programmer:
(Nondeterministic programming languages)

nonrelational bases, alternative programming languages approaches etc.

even: *Redundancy control"
Failiers in Data storage -> Data integrity risk -> many frameworks not able to hold it -> example: RDB
Non relational: ( programming languages ! Erlang : ,ęzyk_programowania) )


Cracking hashes and not only

Data safety during processing (" In-Memory Passwords Protection " )

Cloud computing threats

"Researchers find a new way to attack the cloud"


SSL hijack

hijack SSL connection


SSH MITM (Man in the middle) and Injection attack as example of vulnerabilities of not well designed systems using crypto:
3.10. Threats SSH Can Counter -> 3.10.5. The Insertion Attack
SSH opens computers to attack
SSH glitch gives 'skeleton key' to networks
Chink in encryption armour discovered
Researcher discovers OpenSSH flaw
How to hijack an already running X11 application via ssh -X?
ssh: unprivileged users may hijack forwarded X connections by listening on port 6010
OpenSSH sshd session hijacking (41438)

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