VectorLinux : lightweight, fast Linux distribution
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VectorLinux, a lightweight, fast Linux distribution for the x86 platform, just released its new version 5.8 this week. This user-friendly distribution makes the average computer user's life easy by supplying office software, Web browsing, photo editing, and archiving on top of a fast, clean Xfce window manager.
Vector is based on Slackware Linux, but adds features that Slackware lacks, such as slapt-get for package management and a Linux 2.6 kernel, a few proprietary programs and plugins (such as Flash) and some eye candy.

DeLi Linux : A light Linux distribution

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In fact, DeLi Linux runs on anything better than a 386 with at least 4MB of memory, though if you have only 4MB, don't expect stellar performance. Things get decent at 8MB, 16MB is smooth, and 32MB or more is perfect. I tested DeLi Linux on several machines, ranging from a 66MHz 486 DX2 with 8MB of RAM up to a a Dell Pentium III system with 256MB of RAM. The 486 system struggled to open anything, taking several minutes if things got too complex, such as when I was running a window manager, the X server, and AbiWord. However, DeLi Linux surprised me by turning the old 486 into an usable system, provided I had patience to spare. What's more, the Pentium III was extremely responsive, being even faster than my main AMD64 system running Fedora Core 6.

T2 System do automatycznego tworzenia dopasowanych dystrybucji

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Mobile : New LiMo Foundation looking to commoditize mobile Linux
LiMo Foundation
OSDL Mobile Linux Initiative : Intel to launch Linux-powered mobile Internet device


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